Howard County Sheriff Office

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

612 Indian Street Suite 13
St Paul, NE 68873

Phone : 308-754-5433
Fax : 308-754-5436

Howard County Communications

Emergencies - call/text:  911
Non Emergency: 308-754-5458
Fax: 308-754-5517

Chief Dispatcher - Melissa Paxton

Michael Hoff


Melissa Paxton

Chief Dispatcher

The Howard County Sheriff’s Office employees include: 
Howard County Sheriff 949
Full Time Staff
Office Manager 949J Hancock
Deputy 9497 Sharman
Deputy 9491 Tartaglia
Deputy 9499 Bearheels
Deputy 9495 Tiemeyer
Deputy 9493 Thurnau
Part Time Staff
Deputy 9498 Jensen
Deputy 9496 Strode
Deputy 94915 Riley
  • Title inspections: $10.00 fee; If offsite $20.00 fee
    You will need to park in the north parking lot (unless you have a large semi, they can be parked along the street to the west of the courthouse)
    Please bring the original title and the vehicle in order for us to complete the inspection.
  • Handgun purchase permits: $5.00 fee
    You must apply in the county you reside in, you also must have a current drivers license
  • Fingerprinting: $10.00 fee
    By appointment only
  • Civil service: $30.00 deposit for all private service. Regular vendors may be billed after service
  • Execution warrants: a deposit is required and is based off the total judgement.
  • Accident reports/ sheriff reports:  $10.00 fee

The Sheriff Office handles all report requests.  Please call 308-754-5433 or email for any report requests.
Fees paid to the Sheriff office must be Check or Cash only

The Howard County Sheriff also oversees the Howard County Communications Center. The Center includes Chief Dispatcher Paxton and 5 dispatchers. 

The Howard County Communications Center handles emergency and non-emergency calls in Howard County. The Center dispatches for the Howard County Sheriff’s Office, St. Paul Police Department, 6 fire departments and 6 Rescue teams. The Center also works closely with other agencies outside of Howard County.

Howard County Communications Center Mission Statement: 

We at the Howard County Communications Center strive to serve the community on every crime, fire and medical emergency. 

We are committed to answering all 911 and non-emergency calls with professionalism, integrity and compassion. 

We are dedicated to providing assistance to the public in their time of need. 

Always there, Always ready. 


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Nebraska registered sex offenders

Department of Homeland Security

Victim notification system (victims can sign up to be notified when a violent offender is released from jail/prison)

Grand Island Crisis Center (victim resources)

Central Nebraska Child Advocacy Center

 Sheriff office face book
Howard County Sheriff's Office